Pre-IB is a 1-year preparatory year which is meant to bridge the gap between the Norwegian elementary school (grunnskole) and the IB Diploma.

If you are coming from the Norwegian elementary school system, you must complete the pre-IB or vg1 in the Norwegian system in order to be admitted into the Diploma programme. The pre-IB takes place in English and Norwegian is an excellent, risk-free way to familiarize yourself with a new school system and a new language of instruction.

Pre-IB is structured like the Norwegian vg1 which means that you can easily transfer back to the regular Norwegian programme if you discover that the IB is not for you. After a year of pre-IB, you can either choose to continue in the Diploma Programme or begin your second year at vg2 in the Norwegian system.

In Pre-IB Maths (T-matematikk) and natural science is taught in English.

We prefer that students who have not completed Vg1 in the Norwegian system first choose Pre-IB and then go on to IB.

av Lauritsen, Vibeke, publisert 9. oktober 2013 | Skriv ut siden