The IB Diploma Programme is a highly respected and academically challenging programme that gives students a unique opportunity to graduate with an international degree that is recognized by the best universities worldwide.

  • The IB Diploma Programme is a 2-year-programme which prepares students for university, their future career and the life beyond.  It does so through a diverse combination of subjects, a unique theory of knowledge course, and extra curricular activities (CAS).
  • At Kristiansand katedralskole Gimle, a one-year preparatory IB programme OR 11 years of schooling is a prerequisite for entering the Diploma Programme.
  • All IB students must study six subjects. Three at higher level and three at standard level. These subjects are chosen from 6 different categories, thus ensuring breath of experience in languages, sciences, mathematics and the arts.
  • The programme has three core requirements in addition to the chosen six subjects. These requirements are the Extended Essay, the subject Theory of Knowledge, and the after-school program Creativity, Action and Service.
  • As an IB student, you aspire to develop qualities such as critical thinking, international mindedness, and the ability to open-minded, principled and reflective.
  • The IB has its own grading system, recognized by international and Norwegian universities. The marks awarded for each subject range from 1 to 7, with seven being the highest mark. The diploma is awarded to students who gain at least 24 points. The maximum number of points a student can be awarded is 45.

av Lauritsen, Vibeke, publisert 9. oktober 2013 | Skriv ut siden