How can we find differences and similarities between subjects like maths, science, art, history and ethics? The topic in October was whether there are criteria in art of if art is 100% subjective – no limits – no criteria – no objectivity.

3IBA were given the assignment of painting a picture which was difficult as no topics, colour codes or required forms were given. Afterwards, all 3IBA pupils voted for the painting they liked best and we had an discussion on why they liked it: was it skills, technique, message, intention or form? And how could a group like 3IBA vote for the same 2-3 paintings, when we are all individuals with individual likes and dislikes?

The two paintings that recived the majority of the votes are the ones to the right.

The work in progress:


av Lauritsen, Vibeke, publisert 28. oktober 2013 | Skriv ut siden