Physics in the IB has the same structure as Biology and Chemistry. The students can choose Standard Level or Higher Level. They will be taught tougether since the syllabus in Higher Level is equal to the syllabus in Standard Level (called core) but there is some additional specialization in each topic. So when the additional Higher Level syllabus is taught, the Standard Level students have studytime. Some of the topics in the syllabus is mechanics, thermophysics, waves, electricity, atom and nuclear physics and energy and climate changes. In addition to this the students have to choose two options.

Physics is a practical subject so we are required to spend a certain amount of time doing experiments. The internal assessments in physics are the reports from some of the experiments (this will be changed in the syllabus for students starting autumn 2014). The internal assessment is part of the grade the students get in this subject. The exam consists of three written exams. The first exam is a multiple choice paper and the second is a long answer exam, both in the main syllabus. The third paper is about the two options.

av Lauritsen, Vibeke, publisert 6. oktober 2013 | Skriv ut siden